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Barriers to Recovery for Medical Professionals: Assessing Financial Support through a Survey of Physician Health Programs

Physician burnout, psychiatric problems, and substance use disorders are becoming increasingly prevalent. However, the costs of recovery for physicians enrolled in Physician Health Programs (PHPs) remain unexamined. This survey study published in The American Journal on Addictions recent article sheds light on the financial strain on physicians, especially those in training, and highlights resources for financial assistance such as fee deferrals and sliding scale fees. It’s crucial that access to PHPs is available, destigmatized, and affordable for all physicians.


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An Update on the Washington Practitioner Application

Check out this edition of WSMA’s Weekly Rounds to learn more about the updated Washington Practitioner Application. A big thank you to Washington State Medical Association (WSMA) , Washington Medical Commission , and Washington Credentialing Standardization Group (WCSG) for all your support along this journey!

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Karl Pister’s Podcast on Collaborative Relationships


Listen to Karl Pister’s podcast episode featuring Dr. Chris Bundy where they explore a range of topics from relationship-building to burnout in healthcare professionals.



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WPHP Advocates For Participants

WPHP works to protect and enhance the confidentiality of our participants. We’ve compiled a list to highlight some of the hard work we’ve done over the past year.

Recently, Dr. Bundy interviewed with InvestigateTV to explain how confidentiality for physicians translates to safer care for patients.

A few weeks ago, in partnership with the Washington State Medical Association and the Washington Medical Commission, WPHP was successful in preserving an important protection for participant confidentiality in the public records act. 

WPHP introduced legislation in 2022 that adds enhanced confidentiality protections for program participants. SSB 5496 passed with overwhelming bipartisan support.

In November 2021, WPHP worked closely with the Washington Medical Commission to remove licensure questions about health history, replacing them with an advisory that points to WPHP. The amended application only asks about current impairing or potentially impairing substance use that is not known to WPHP.

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Dr. Tammie Chang’s new book, “How to Thrive as a Woman Physician”

How to Thrive as a Woman Physician provides valuable insights, tip, and resources for all women physicians!  

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New FSPHP Physician Health Issue released!

The Fall 2021 Issue of the Federation of State Physicians Health program Physician Health News features a moving message from Dr. Bundy.  

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Pink Coat, MD: Wellness and Empowerment for Female Physicians  

Tammie Chang, MD is Medical Director of Provider Wellness for MultiCare anFounder of PinkCoatMD which aims to support and empower female physicians. 

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KevinMD article features Dr. Tammie Chang

A recent KevinMD article features Tammie ChangMD, on the power of grace – for others and for ourselves amidst the challenges of COVID. 

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Dr. Chris Bundy receives the WSMA President’s 2021 Unsung Hero Award!

This award recognizes Dr. Bundy’s extraordinary contributions to Washington’s healthcare workforce and honors the work of WPHP.  

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Doug Yoshida, MD, JD highlights WPHP’s voluntary participation.

At the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation Annual Meeting, Doug Yoshida, MD, JD highlights WPHP’s high rate of voluntary program participation.  

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Seattle Met article features Dr. Bundy on overcoming COVID-19 burnout.

Dr. Bundy speaks on the effects of COVID-19 on the health care worker burnout epidemic. He explains what people may be feeling and how we may overcome it.  

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July Issue of Journal of Medical Regulation feature

July Issue of Journal of Medical Regulation features Dr. Christopher Bundy and Dr. Betsy Williams.

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Partnering with State Physician Health Programs article featured in Psychiatric Times

A recent article, written by Dr. Steven Adelman, describes the advantages of working with PHP’s for psychiatrists and others who provide care to physicians. 

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WPHP is Hiring!

Want to work with an outstanding team, helping physicians and other health professionals heal and achieve lives and careers they never thought possible? Check out our 2 Clinical Coordinator job postings! 

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Free suicide prevention webinar with CME offered by FSPHP!

Federation of State Physician Health Programs is offering a free on-demand webinar, Physician Suicide Prevention: Listening to the Voices of Experience. 

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Dr. Bundy presenting at the IDAA Annual Meeting!

Dr. Chris Bundy, MD, MPH and Dr. Lynn Hankes, WPHP Medical Director Emeritus will be presenting at the IDAA Annual Meeting in West Palm Beach, Florida. They are presenting on the past, present and future of physician health programs. Learn more about IDAA and the Annual Meeting 

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ADA Dentist Health and Well-Being Conference 2021!

It is always the right time to take care of yourself!  Register now for this 5 CE virtual event emphasizing human connection and peer support. 

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