Need assistance or ready to help a physician in need?

Family & Key Support

It can be stressful and confusing when your loved one is struggling with a medical, substance use, or psychiatric condition. WPHP provides services to engage family and key support as partners in supporting a health-care professional’s ongoing recovery.

WPHP family services include:

  • Orientation for family and key support
  • General education and resources about addiction, adjustment issues, codependency, and family recovery
  • Encouraging key supports presence at participant meetings
  • Addressing family issues at the Annual Reunion
  • Encourage marital and/or family therapy, when recommended
  • Providing ongoing opportunities for family and key support to serve as a resource for others whose loved ones are referred to WPHP

Hear from family and key support who have experienced this program on our Success Stories page.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact WPHP at 206-583-0127.