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July Issue of Journal of Medical Regulation features Dr. Christopher Bundy and Dr. Betsy Williams

July Issue of Journal of Medical Regulation features Dr. Christopher Bundy and Dr. Betsy Williams.

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Register for FSMB’s Annual Meeting!

Register now to attend FSMB’s Annual meeting! Dr. Bundy will be featured as a panelist on New Perspectives on Physician Impairment 

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Crisis Resources for Health Care Workers

WPHP recently compiled a list of local, regional, and national resources for crisis prevention and response for health care workers 

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COVID-19 has made it more important than ever to address barriers to mental health treatment for physicians

This AAMC article highlights how licensing concerns and stigma may be discouraging physicians from seeking needed mental health treatment amidst the strains of the pandemic.    

In 2018, WPHP successfully collaborated with the Washington Medical Commission to reform the questions on the Washington Medical Licensing initial and renewal applications.  Since then, questions regarding health and substance use only ask about current impairment (rather than past history, diagnoses, or treatment) and allow physicians known to WPHP to answer “no” to its question about current medical conditions.  

Countless Washington physicians have benefitted from these changes and expressed to us their deep gratitude to live and work in a state that supports doctors confidentially getting the help they need and deserve. 

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Sleep deprivation is the socially accepted form of impairment that is hiding in plain sight in medicine.

A recent study published in JAMA links sleep-related impairment, to physician burnout and medical errors. Findings confirm that physician performance is not immune to the negative effects of sleep deprivation and suggest that interventions to mitigate sleep-related impairment in physicians are warranted.” 

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