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Staff Spolight: Shea Scheuler


Shea joined WPHP in 2018 as Director of Program Development.  She is responsible for strategic initiatives and performance improvement activities that promote accountability, consistency and excellence across WPHP services. Shea’s combination of clinical, business development, and public-relations experience is uniquely suited to her role at WPHP. Through meaningful stakeholder engagement, Shea is able to develop innovative yet practical strategies to solve complex organizational challenges and improve service delivery. Shea was born and raised in Olympia, Washington and was recruited to swim at Southern Methodist University where, in addition to three Division 1 All-American honors, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, political science and women’s studies. She later earned a master’s degree in psychology and is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate and Chemical Dependency Professional. As a clinician, Shea has managed a juvenile drug court and worked in private practice and addiction treatment settings. Prior to joining WPHP, Shea was Business Development Manager for Edgewood Health Network and created Hive Consulting Group, working as a health care consultant.

“It has been such a gift to join the WPHP team and have so many unique ways to support the recovery of our amazing health care professionals in Washington state. My job allows me to work directly with the participants by way of facilitating one of the monitoring groups and to support the clinical work by managing projects that help improve our processes and operations. I have never worked with a more passionate and talented team and am constantly amazed by the strength and heart of our participants.”