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Staff Spotlight: Sachi Sugimoto

Sachi joined WPHP in September 2017. She is the Senior Accountant and is responsible for managing the organization’s day to day accounting operations, and preparing and analyzing financial reports. Sachi received her BA in Accounting at Seattle University and later her Master of Science in Accounting at the University of Bothell. She is currently working towards becoming a CPA.

“I started out as Staff Accountant at WPHP in 2017.  I was able to advance my career which was important to my professional development, and the team supported me throughout the journey. I began my Masters in Accounting in 2018 and completed my degree in 2019. I then transitioned over to a new role at WPHP as the Senior Accountant, where I am responsible for financial reporting, managing billing and budgeting, and maintaining financial records.
The team here at WPHP has been one of the best parts of working for the organization. I really appreciate the collaborative culture, and the team’s energy really brightens my work life!”